Rye Bourbon

Ever Wonder “Rye?”

June 16, 2021

Ever wonder “rye” (why) there are so many types of Bourbon out there and what the differences between them are? We’re going to break it down for you, BUT before we dive into the different types of Bourbon, let’s recap what makes Bourbon, well, Bourbon. In order for a whiskey to be classified as Bourbon, […]

A Spoon Full of Bourbon Helps the Medicine Go Down

April 17, 2021

Would it surprise you to know,  juleps (a derivative of the Arabic word julab meaning rosewater) have been around a long time. Wikipedia gives a great little history on the julep. “The term “julep” is generally defined as a sweet drink, particularly one used as a vehicle for medicine. English juleps, using rosewater, as opposed […]

What’s In A Name?

March 16, 2021

Bourbon is a type of Whiskey but not all Whiskey is Bourbon. There is only one way to make  Bourbon – well two: It must be made in the United States to be called Bourbon. It must be made with at least 51% corn. Of course, water and oak barrels come into play too but […]

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